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Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® –

Lisa studied to become a Feldenkrais® Practitioner in Montreal. She completed the four-year professional training programme in 1996 and has been practicing full time since then. A practitioner must complete Advanced Training every two years to maintain certification as a member of the North American Feldenkrais Guild.

Lisa discovered the Feldenkrais Method while searching for a way to ease the chronic pain suffered by her mother after a back injury. Subsequently, Lisa became vision impaired and the kinaesthetic awareness gained from her Feldenkrais work has enabled her to keep on skiing, kayaking and dog walking. She lives and works in

Chester Basin Nova Scotia.

Instructor - Lisa Woolnough


Lisa has worked with my 15 yr old, developmentally delayed son, David, since he was 8 months old. She has been instrumental in changing many of the ways in which he moves, and has taught him such valuable skills as walking down the stairs alternating legs on each riser. She is always resourceful and patient. As David often has a short attention span, she is skilled at tackling a target area from many different angles. She is always ready to follow his lead and respond to his mood with sensitivity. She totally understands the needs of young people. I have seen her give David a lesson on cross-country skis, an activity which he loves. Lisa has taught him to understand how to move his weight on skis and greatly increase his control going both up and down hills. I am convinced that David would not have the degree of co-ordination or confidence that he does today without his weekly/bi-weekly lessons with Lisa. He is totally at home with her and trusts her absolutely, as do I.

       – Alison Sandeman, B.A.  B.Ed.

I have taken Feldenkrais with Lisa for ten years and have found it to be enjoyable and very useful.  It has helped me to better my golf game, something of interest to me.  The exercises and insights into how the body works have also helped in my daily life: sitting, walking, sleeping, and staying upright during the winter.  Feldenkrais can help one lead a better life.


– J. Gundy

I came to Feldenkrais through the suggestion of my massage therapist, who had concluded he could not help much more to make my stiff body improve. He knew little about Feldenkrais, but had also heard it was helping some people in a retirement home he know about. For my part, having become progressively less flexible and having much more serious pain in the preceeding five or six years, and having explored multiple different things in an attempt to get better with limited success, I was willing to try almost anything - even something that sounded more like a high fibre cracker than a useful therapy. Click here for full testimonial.

– C. Lyons