Functional Integration Lessons

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Functional Integration® lessons are individual sessions in which the Feldenkrais practitioner uses non-invasive touch. This guides the student to a clearer understanding of how the movement in one part of the body can affect movement in all parts of the body.

After a lesson clients frequently notice:

  1.    easing of chronic pain

  2.    a sensation of well being

  3.    improvement in balance


This stuff works !!

Six months after a left Colles fracture (left wrist) I had several individual Feldenkrais lessons with Lisa.  To my pleasure I was able to turn my car steering wheel easily in a hand over hand motion which I had not been able to do previously.  Also to my surprise I realised I was standing with my weight evenly through both my legs.  I had favoured my left leg for a long time.  I really feel the Feldenkrais lessons have improved my total body function and I want to continue. Thank you, Lisa.”– Pat, a physiotherapist

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“To make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.” 
– Moshe Feldenkrais DSc.

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® –